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Contract Risk Management
'We did not know that we had to comply with privacy laws of another country', 'We were caught unawares when the client stated that as per contract the Indian entity had to comply with US/UK laws', 'We had to incur a huge loss as neither we, nor the subcontractor had taken an insurance cover on our inventory at subcontractor location'..these are examples of typical complications that arise due to contractual relationships.

Large organizations enter into hundreds of contracts with suppliers, contractors, and other third parties in and outside their state / country. There are numerous contractual obligations arising from laws of the land as well as internal policies of the contracting / contracted company.

Many large, medium and small organizations lack an appropriate governance system to mitigate contractual risks. There is no single point of assessment as the risks are generally spread across various functions within the organization such as legal, function contracting, finance, etc

We believe that having a holistic approach to Contract Risk Management is essential in today's scenario where most organizations work on a contracting/sub-contracting business model.

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