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The ERP that I use does not get me the desired reports. I have gone back to manual reporting'.

'The application that we use currently is not scalable to handle my future business needs'.

'We have spent a fortune on our ERP implementation and it has become a white elephant'.

'I am confused with so many options of ERPs in the market. I am indecisive on what would work me'.

How often have you resonated with the above statements? We have heard these multiple times and the list of pain points such as huge cost and time overruns on implementation, heavy dependency on manual reporting, no significant reduction in turn-around time, cost of licensing and maintenance, lack of integration with other applications, heavy customizations etc., is endless . 'One size does not fit all' has been the philosophy that guides our advisory service. We truly believe that every organization's requirement is unique and has to be addressed independently. With the proliferation of several applications that come to be commonly referred as ERP, we help clients in understanding, selecting and implementing the right ERP that closely fits their requirement.

With our vast experience across various ERPs and also custom-built applications, we are in a position to guide you to the right application and also help you to redesign and restructure your ERP in line with your requirements. Needless to say, we do not sell 'Ferraris' to 'Farmers'.

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