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Data Migration Audit
When data is moved from one application to another, all stakeholders - users, management and auditors are concerned with the risk of data integrity, confidentiality and availability of data to the right people at the right time, post migration. Significant issues arise when data migration is done without a plan and a strategy. Any data loss on migration has huge cost implications to the client, not to mention the efforts involved in reconciliations thereafter.

Quite often we find clients facing issues with non-availability of master records, incorrect opening or closing balances and inconsistent transaction records upon migration.

A well planned and structured data migration approach not only ensures accuracy and completeness but also addresses the issue of redundancy and elimination of inconsistency in the data.

Our approach on developing data migration plans and performing an audit thereafter is to provide a reasonable assurance to all the stake holders that data in transit or in standby is pertinent and relevant to the business.

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